21 Brilliantly Clever DIY Pallet Shelves To Make For Any Room In Your Home

Have a wood pallet or two laying around, or know where to get a few? If so, you might consider making one or more of these stunning pallet shelves below. You will find a variety of designs to choose from, to transform any room in your home. These DIY shelves use recycled and repurposed pallets to add a unique style to your home or office.

1. Pallet Bookshelf For Kids Room

Pallet Bookshelf For Kids Room

Six Sister’s Stuff shares how they took a pallet and did some cutting and painting and transformed it into a bookshelf for their child’s bedroom. I love this idea, and you can really make it any color you want to fit the room. See how it is made here.

2. Tiered Shaped Shelf

Tiered Shaped Shelf 

Westfarthing Woodworks created a stunning shelf that has a tiered effect for a perfect focal point for a room. You can decorate the shelves to really make it stand out. Check out their tutorial.

3. Reclaimed Pallet Shelf

Reclaimed Pallet Shelf 

Ana White shares how she created a pallet shelf for her home using an old wooden pallet. With a little work and time, she created a stunning shelf. Head over and see how to make your own.

4. Pallet Shelf with Knobs

Pallet Shelf with Knobs 

Where the Smiles Have Been shares exactly how they made this creative shelving system for their child’s room. They installed knobs to hang bookbags, I loved this idea. Want to make your own? See how it is made.

5. Pallet Bookshelf DIY

Pallet Bookshelf DIY 

Jenna Burger Design’s shares how she was making over her son’s room and the shelves he had currently wasn’t doing the job. She grabbed a pallet and got to work and this is what she created. I think it turned out perfect. I love that rich color in the wood. Head over here for the tutorial.

6. Pallet Bookshelf

Pallet Bookshelf 

So Made with Love that can be Felt created this really sturdy pallet bookshelf they placed in their room. I thought even though this isn’t a hanging shelf, you can totally use it like a shelf for so many different things besides books. Check out how to make your own.

7. Rustic Pallet Shelves

Rustic Pallet Shelves 

Instructables is at it again with another amazing diy project. This time it is on these fun rustic shelves. You can make a few shelves in an afternoon to transform your living space. See how it’s made.

8. Rustic Wine Rack Shelf

 Rustic Wine Rack Shelf 

Jessi at Practically Functional loves turning trash into treasures! That is how this whole rustic wine rack shelf happened. She got a wood pallet and transformed it into a perfect wine rack for display. Learn how to make your own.

9. Wood Pallet Shelf for Spices In Kitchen

Wood Pallet Shelf for Spices In Kitchen 

Vorstellung Von Schoen created a very practical and useful way to store spices and hang utensils in their kitchen. This helped free up cupboard and countertop space and give the room a new look. Check out the tutorial.

10. Purse and Coat Rack Shelf From Wood Pallet

Purse and Coat Rack Shelf From Wood Pallet 

Wow, this is a really clever diy! Shelterness took a wood pallet and transformed it into a place to hang coats and purses at their home. It adds a very fun feel to the room. See this easy diy tutorial here.

11. Display Wood Pallet Shelf

Display Wood Pallet Shelf 

Shelterness also created this display shelf using wooden pallets. It is a great rustic farmhouse style look. You could stain it dark or even paint it to make it fit in more with your style if you don’t want that rustic look. Here is the tutorial.

12. Bold Wooden Pallet Shelf

Bold Wooden Pallet Shelf 

99 Pallets shares how they created this bold and rustic feeling wooden pallet shelf. This would be perfect in a bathroom, hallway, or even a room in the home. Curious to see how they made it? Check out how to make one, here.

13. 20-Minute Coat Rack Wooden Pallet Shelf

 20-Minute Coat Rack Wooden Pallet Shelf 

Brook at Re-Fabbed shares how they made this 20-minute coat rack shelf out of wooden pallets. A simple diy like this can change the look of your entryway instantly. See how it’s made.

14. Coffee Mug Holder Pallet Shelf

Coffee Mug Holder Pallet Shelf 

One little Bird blog shares how they made this coffee mug holder pallet shelf. I thought it was a very creative way to store your mugs and display them at the same time. Great for any coffee or tea drinker. Check out the tutorial here.

15. Gardening Tool Wooden Pallet Shelf

Gardening Tool Wooden Pallet Shelf 

Our Little Acre had a great idea to create a wooden pallet shelf for their gardening tools. Hang this on the outside of your garage or shed to give it a neat look and keep your tools organized. Find out how to make this shelf here.

16. Shabby Chic Display Pallet Shelves

Shabby Chic Display Pallet Shelves

Shelterness is at it again with another shabby chic display style shelving. This is great for a dining room, or place where you entertain. Learn to make your own.

17. Wine Rack Pallet Shelf

Wine Rack Pallet Shelf 

The Kurtz Corner also has a wonderful tutorial up if you are on the hunt for a wine rack pallet shelf. I love how they have a spot to put wine glasses and bottles. Head over and see how they did it.

18.   Wall Mounted Pallet Shelf

Wall Mounted Pallet Shelf 

Diy Show Off shares how they created this really inspiring wall mounted shelf. Great way to put some of your favorite items on display in your home or office. See how it is made.

19. Stylish Shelves Made With Pallets

Stylish Shelves Made With Pallets 

The Nest wanted some new ways to decorate their home in a stylish way. They decided to make their own shelves that fit the exact style they wanted. These pallet shelves turned out really nice. Tutorial here.

20. Towel Rack Shelf

Towel Rack Shelf 

1001 Pallets shares how to make this one-of-a-kind towel rack shelf to hang in your bathroom. It can really add a new look to your bathroom at a very affordable price. Learn how to make your own here.

21. Easy Pallet Shelf

Easy Pallet Shelf 

Lil Luna shares how they made this easy pallet shelf for their home. With a little cutting and sanding, you can have your own homemade shelves. https://lilluna.com/diy-pallet-shelves/See how to do it.

As you can see you have so many styles and options to do. Find a tutorial you like, tweak it to fit your living space and size you want. These shelves are easy to do, and can really freshen up your home or office.

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