How to Choose the Best Water Pump: Reviews, Buyer’s Guide, and More

Are you on the hunt for a water pump, but have no idea how to choose the best one for your needs? Are you tired of scouring the internet for the best products, only to come up empty?

From product reviews of the top 5 best water pumps to key features you need to look for to answers to all your burning questions about water pumps–we’ve got it here.

Our Review of the Top 5 Best Water Pump Products

WAYNE CDU980E 3/4 HP Submersible Cast Iron and Stainless Steel Sump Pump With...WAYNE Stainless Steel Pump
  • $146.86
Homasy 400GPH Submersible Pump 25W Ultra Quiet Fountain Water Pump with 5.9ft Power...Homasy 400GPH Submersible Pump 25W Ultra Quiet Fountain Water Pump
  • $26.99
SHURFLO (4028-100-E54 12V 2.3 GPM Water PumpSHURFLO 4028-100-E54 Revolution Pump-2.3 Gpm, 12 Vdc
  • $82.59
EcoPlus 728310 Pump, Fixed Flow Water 396 GPH, BlackTOP RATEDEcoPlus Water Pump
  • $34.94
Homasy 80 GPH (300L/H, 4W) Submersible Water Pump, Ultra Quiet for Pond, Aquarium,...Homasy 80 GPH Water Pump
  • $11.99

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We understand the feeling of searching for the best product without success. That is why we did the research and took the time to bring you this ultimate guide to the top 5 best water pump products on the market currently.

Check out these top 5 best water pump products, then keep reading to the end to access our final verdict of who we chose as the winner of the group.

WAYNE Stainless Steel Pump

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Our first pick for the best water pump is the Wayne Stainless Steel Water Pump. It is a veritable powerhouse with an impressive motor and running speed. The horsepower motor can process up to 4,600 gallons of water. The top of the device has sturdy filters to reduce clogging and help ensure proper flow.

The pump features a float switch to prevent hang-ups. The pump also sports an 8-foot power cord and NPT Discharge element. You can use this water pump for a wide range of purposes, from draining sewage lines to flooded basements and bathrooms.

If you’ve never used a water pump before, you’re in luck because this best water pump is exceptionally user-friendly, even for total novices.

You can install the pump in a relatively short period without assistance, and the design itself is sturdy without being so heavy that you’ll struggle to move it around. The water pump also features a handle at the very top which makes it super easy to transport as you need to.

With short circuit protection and low noise levels, The Wayne Stainless Steel Pump is a solid choice for versatility and durability.

What We Liked

  • Quiet operation
  • Cast iron design is very long-lasting
  • NPT discharge element and 8-foot power cord
  • Good choice for beginners

What We Didn’t Like

  • The power cord is not as long as some
  • The floater mechanism in the unit can wear out with prolonged use

Homasy 400GPH Submersible Pump 25W Ultra Quiet Fountain Water Pump

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We chose this best water pump as one of our top picks for a few different reasons. For one, the unit is highly compact, which makes it highly versatile and easy to use for everything for fish tanks to water gardens to hydroponic systems to tabletop fountains.

The Homasy 400GPH is incredibly portable and intuitive, so even if you are a beginner with using water pumps you’ll master the pump with relative ease.

The unit features an integrated water flow control mechanism, plus a nice, long cord that will make installation and finding a nearby power source a total breeze. The manufacturer offers a one-year warranty on their products, which is always an important component to look for.

The water pump is completely submersible, making it an excellent selection if you want a unit for multi-purpose functionalities.

Things We Liked

  • Does a good job of controlling proper water flow
  • A completely submersible pump
  • One-year warranty
  • Long cord to connect to the power source of your choice
  • Excellent for hydroponic systems, water gardens, and fish tanks alike

Things We Didn’t Like

  • Not ideal for very extensive projects
  • Can develop an internal short if you use it too frequently

SHURflo 3.0 Water Pump

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Our next pick for the best water pump is this exceptional product by SHURflo. The pump is ideal for smaller projects and is a highly portable option if you want to have a water pump on hand to use occasionally in different places. The SHURflo 3.0 activates automatically, so you don’t have to do the work of switching it one if you want to start the unit.

The water unit’s activation point is 25 PSI and it also shuts off automatically at 55 PSI to prevent system overload. The water pump is very simple to install and comes with all the mounting hardware you’ll need to get things up and running. The unit features a 7.5-amp motor and doesn’t sustain damage even in the event of dry pumping.

The system can lift the water up to heights of 5 feet at a rate of 3 gallons per minute. With a two year warranty and quiet noise levels to boot, the SHURflo 3.0 Water Pump is a solid, economical choice. The water pump weighs in at just 5 pounds and sports an integrated check valve with an inside pressure switch.

Things We Liked

  • Automatic activation and shutdown
  • Easy to install and use
  • 7.5-amp motor
  • Doesn’t wear out if dry pumped
  • Runs very quietly

Things We Didn’t Like

  • Not ideal for high-intensity pumping tasks
  • The check valve can malfunction if you use the unit too frequently

EcoPlus Water Pump

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We chose the EcoPlus Water Pump as one of the best water pump products on the market for its quiet operation, dependable system, and user-friendly design. The submersible pump is super easy to install and is also very versatile.

You can buy this pump to use for fountains, aquariums, hydroponic systems, saltwater, filtration systems, and more.

The EcoPlus Water Pump is very lightweight with a durable iron exterior that won’t wear out with frequent use. The interior features a threaded mechanism and a sturdy motor for more high-intensity usage needs. The ceramic shaft and bearing also caught our eye, plus the integrated strainer guards help ensure the unit runs smoothly.

The 36-watt motor can pump capacity of 396 gallons every hour. You can use this water pump alongside an array of different tank sizes, plus the 69 inch 120v power cord is pre-wired for immediate use.

What We Liked

  • Submersible pump
  • 36-watt motor for high pumping efficiency of 396 gallons per hour
  • You can use this water pump with any number of tank sizes

What We Didn’t Like

  • The unit will use up more energy and watts when you run it than a lower-intensity model would
  • The intake valve doesn’t stay in place if there’s too much tension on the hose

Homasy 80 GPH Water Pump

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Our final choice for the best water pump is the Homasy 80 GPH water pump, featuring a multi-function system that you can pair with everything from filtration devices to fountains to ponds to aquariums.

The pumps feature synchronous technology, which means that the electrical components inside sport a protective epoxy resin to preserve the longterm integrity of the unit.

The motor is energy-efficient and powerful. The Homasy 80 GPH Water Pump is a quality submersible pump that sports a ceramic shaft which can withstand salt water flow. You can detach the pump head as needed to clean out the unit, while the pump’s compact size means it is very easy to move or put away if you need to.

The water pump also features suction cups on the bottom of the unit so you can mount it with total ease. With its energy-saving components and super quiet operation noise levels, it’s not hard to see why the Homasy 80 GPH Water Pump is one of the best water pumps on the market currently.

Things We Liked

  • Operates smoothly and quietly
  • Energy efficient
  • You can use it to process both fresh and salt water as you need to
  • Suction cups make it simple to mount the unit

Things We Didn’t Like

  • The unit tends to vibrate a lot
  • The performance could be a bit weak for very large fountains

How to Select a Water Pump

Best Water Pump

Here’s what you need to consider to ensure you select the best water pump for your personal needs.

Consider the Type of Water Pump You Want

There are four primary types of water pumps you can pick from — transfer pumps, semi-solid pumps, trash pumps, and high-pressure pumps. Let’s look at these one-by-one.

First, you have a transfer pump, also known as a clear water pump. These pumps are perfect for draining smaller areas like your garden pond or hot tub. You can also use a transfer pump to drain regions with very shallow flooding.

These pumps will not work properly if you leave large debris out in the drainage area, although they can typically withstand solids as much as .25 inches in size.

Semi-solid pumps are very similar to transfer pumps, with the primary difference that they can process solids between .25 and .75 inches with relative ease. If you need to drain your pool or basement if it floods, a semi-solid pump is a quality unit to have on hand.

Trash pumps can process solids ranging from .75 all the way up to 2 inches in size, which is why you will usually see these in agricultural and commercial settings. People usually use these pumps to drain smaller flooded regions, construction sites, and to irrigate.

Finally, high-pressure pumps are the mighty beasts of the best water pumps and can handle higher amounts of pressure at a lower volume.

Consider the Pump Flow Rate

The flow rate of any of the best water pumps will ultimately determine how efficient the unit is. The flow rate is the length of time it takes for the water pump to process a certain amount of water. You will typically see flow rate measurements at intervals of liters per minute.

If you are hunting for the best water pump for your farm or work site, you will want a unit that can pump at a minimum rate of 2,500 liters per minute. On the other hand, if you only want a water pump to have on hand at home for more minor usage or in the event of a flooding emergency, a 100 to 200 liter-per-minute flow rate will suffice.

Consider the Inlet Size

The lion’s share of the best water pumps sport inlet sizes ranging from one to six inches total. Certain units have larger inlets. Centrifugal pumps may have larger inlets because they suck the water out of the inlet and release it via an outlet valve.

With a centrifugal water pump, the larger the inlet valve, the more significant the quantity of water it will be able to process and release.

Consider the Pressure and Head

A water pump’s head is the greatest height distance the pump can pump water. For example, if you purchase a water pump with a 60-meter head and try to pump to a level beyond that point, your flow rate will stop dead in its tracks.

Whichever of the best water pump products you select, you should pick one that features a maximum head exceeding the highest height you anticipate having to pump.

Consider the Kind of Water You Need to Pump

You must take the kind of water you need to pump into account when selecting the best water pump for your usage needs. If you only want a pump as a backup in case your basement floods or to drain your hot tub, you won’t need as powerful a pump as you would for activities like trash and chemical drainage.

Consider the System’s Design

As a final note, the design of the best water pump system you use is another component to look into before making your final selection. The body, shaft, fittings, and turbine are all essential water pump components that speak to the quality and efficiency of the unit.

With regards to the motor, a water pump motor can feature either a monocellular or multicellular design. The former sports one turbine activating an impeller that takes the water from Point A to Point B. A multicellular motor features a range of impellers, with the primary advantage being that you’ll have a much higher rate of water pressure with these types of units.

Multicellular pumps are also more efficient in terms of hydraulics and energy consumption.


Best Water Pump

Check out our quick and easy Q&A, then read to the end to find out which of the best water pump products made it to the top of our wishlist.

How do water pumps work?

In simple terms, a water pump runs on an electric motor. The motor moves the impeller, also known as a centrifugal pump. The impeller transports the water. It is technically called drive water, it is moved from the well and via a jet to the compartment at the front of the impeller.

Now, the smaller electric units you might see in many residential dwellings are a slightly different story. These units feature a DC motor encased in a seal that connects to the impeller. In the middle of the motor, you’ll find multiple coils surrounding a rotor.

The coils feature magnets. The magnets form a permanent magnetic structure that transmits via the rotor. When you turn on your water pump motor, the electricity runs directly into the coils. This instigates the magnetic field and spinning the rotor 180 degrees.

Once the rotor starts to spin, the electricity in the coils switches. It continues to activate the rotor until it comes full circle. As the rotor keeps moving and spinning, this activates the impeller which powers the pump.

How long do water pumps last?

Submersible pumps should last or anywhere from 8 to 10 years before you need to replace them. Some well pumps can stay efficient for as long as 15 years without a break in function.

How do you maintain a water pump?

Assuming your water pump is running as it should, there isn’t much you’ll need to do in terms of maintenance. As you now know, the best water pumps can last at least up to a decade and beyond.

If you do start to see signs that something is amiss, such as noticing a decrease in the flow rate or discolored water, it is wise to call a professional to service the unit. The issue might be minimal, but it’s better to know what you’re dealing with right off the bat.

The Verdict

For us, one of the best water pumps stood out above the bunch—the EcoPlus Water Pump. We love the quiet operation this best water pump provides, with a reliable system and logical design that is great for everyone from beginners to seasoned pros.

The pump is very easy to install and serves a variety of purposes, from pumping water in fountains, aquariums, hydroponic systems, saltwater, filtration systems, and beyond. The unit is very lightweight and portable, with an iron design that the brand makes to last. The motor can withstand high-intensity projects, with 36-watt configurations that can pump 396 gallons every hour.

In our humble opinion, what more could you ask for from the best water pump? Ready to take the plunge for yourself? Click here to purchase the EcoPlus Water Pump today.

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