The Best Starter Tool Set – 10 Tools Everyone Needs

If you are brand new to tools and you drop into a Lowes or Home Depot and want to get a basic starter kit of tools, you’ll probably be overwhelmed.

This infographic, found on Visually provides some really good ideas for the best starter tool kit – depending on your specialty.

Let’s take a look at the 10 tools everybody should own:

1. Hammer. The hammer drives in nails as its primary function, but can also be turned around to pull old nails out of a wall or a piece of wood. If you are hanging pictures or decor – you’ll need one. Oh yeah… don’t get a crappy hammer. Click here to read about our top framing hammer. 

2. Vise Grips. These things might even save your life someday, but you’ll certainly be glad you have them when you need to get a better grip on something to loosen, tighten, etc.

3. Utility Knife. These things can cut drywall, carve/scratch out small pieces of grout, and dozens of other things. Always should have one on hand – I prefer the kind with a grippy handle as opposed to metal only.

4. Leatherman Multi-tool. In a starter tool set, you want versatility. Tools that can do a bunch of different jobs. We might have a shorter list by naming things that a Leatherman multi-tool can’t do.

5. Screwdriver SetBuying a screwdriver set with interchangeable bits will save space in your tool box. Just swap out the bit to fit the job at hand.

6. Hacksaw. The hacksaw is versatile because based on the blade, it can cut metal, plastic and other household materials. You can also acquire a really nice one for an affordable price so it’s good to have around.

7. Level. Who wants crooked pictures hanging up at your house? Don’t just eyeball it; get a level. You’ll use a level on just about any DIY project that you happen to undertake.

8. Measuring Tape. Another one of those items you’ll use for projects, for measuring if your kids are tall enough for roller coasters yet, and just about everything else. Get one that locks and that is long enough for your liking – but this is hard to screw up.

9. WD-40 and Duct Tape. Macgyver could overthrow a Communist government with these 2 things. Just always have them on hand and thank us later.

10. Allen Keys (Wrenches). I love how they say it in the infographic – “because IKEA hates you.” – it’s true. Don’t just depend on the furniture maker to include these – have a set on hand with a variety of sizes.

All in all this is an excellent list to get you started in the wonderful world of tools. If you are looking for some projects to do with your new tools, click here to view all of our step by step tutorials.

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I have been working on wood projects since I was a young boy. My dad made rocking chairs and other furniture to sell all over the mid west. I alway enjoy the next challenge to build to keep sharpening my working skills.

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