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Laying laminate flooring is not too difficult IF you have the proper tools. The key to making it look exceptional is using the right types of saws for the right kind of laminate flooring. So, what is the best saw for laminate flooring?

For starters, you're going to want a blade with a large tooth count. The bigger issue than what type of saw to use, is what type of blade you should use. The saw isn't as crucial as the blade type. Let's see what we can help you with here.

The question is really, "what is the best blade for laminate flooring" as opposed to "what is the best saw for laminate flooring".  

Any saw that cuts wood will cut laminate. However, you should find a blade with the maximum number of teeth you are able to purchase.

Laminate flooring is layered much like plywood. Therefore, it's crucial that you know how to cut it properly with the right kinds of tools. The biggest difference between laminate flooring and regular plywood is that the top layer of laminate flooring is made of hard plastic. The coating is what chips so easily, and is what you must be mindful of.

best saw for laminate flooring

Straight Cuts

  • You can make straight cuts into laminate flooring with a circular saw, a rip saw, a crosscut saw, a table saw or a chop saw. 
  • Use a blade with more than 100 teeth per inch (tpi)
  • Make sure the blade part that's leading the edge, connects with the face of the board, not the side.
  • If using a circular saw, crosscut or rip saw, you'll need to put the board backwards. These saws do less damage when cutting the laminate upside down. So turn the board upside down, mark your line and cut. Because the plastic coating is last to be reached, it's less likely to chip. Most chipping comes from the initial cut of the saw, but this way, it's "last in line".
  • If using a table or chop saw, put the laminate flooring right side up

Curved & Corner Cuts

The best saw to use when making curved cuts or corner cuts is a jig saw. However, a bandsaw will also work well in cutting around registers.

Remember to make sure it has the most teeth per inch that you can purchase at the store. It's actually better to use blades that are specifically made to cut metal rather than wood, because they typically can be found having more teeth and are much better for cutting laminate.

Another type of blade you can use here is called a carbide-tipped blade.​

best saw for laminate flooring

Another tip is to lay masking tape along the cut line. You then should draw the line again ON the tape and then make your cut through the piece of laminate. Next, remove the tape and you should be good to go with a chip-free cut.​

Be sure that you do your homework once you have the laminate you are going to lay in the space you're working on. Once you do that, you'll be good to go.

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