DeWalt Circular Saw Overview

DeWalt has been making quality circular saws for years. They have embraced technology and todays Li-Ion batteries you can last all day delivering more power than ever before in the DeWalt circular saw line-up.

Go Anywhere – DEWALT Circular Saw 20v

The Dewalt DCS 391B is a cordless circular saw that comes with 2 20v rechargeable batteries. This is a powerful cordless circular saw that allows to you make cuts quite literally anywhere. Especially when you’re building that new treehouse!

DEWALT DCS391B 20-Volt MAX Li-Ion Circular Saw

This saw is powerful and will go a long way on a single battery. The DeWalt 391 is a 20 volt lithium ion powered circular saw powered by the 3.0 amp power batteries 20 volt and which has  a fuel gauge on the back. I like the 3,700 RPMs on this motor, which is powerful, lightweight and compact. This is exactly what you want in a cordless circular saw. When you’re carrying the saw up on a ladder or in a place where you don’t want to drag a cord or a heavy-duty circular saw. This saw bevels 250 degrees and it has an ambidextrous safety trigger and an electric brake which I absolutely love. I think it’s a great safety feature.

A Saw with An Oversized Grip

The DeWalt 391 has a nice oversized rubber grip and handle. The controls on the saw are super easy to use and they’re oversized and the knob on the front feels easy to turn and easy to adjust. It’s a very simple tool to operate and there is nothing really overly complicated about using the DeWalt circular saw.

A Saw with Depth and Versatility

This circular saw rips through wood like warm ice cream on a hot summer day. And even when the battery isn’t fully charged, the DeWalt cordless saw spins up and stays strong throughout the cut. I like that this is a lightweight saw that is easy to use. It’s super-high quality and I like that the brake stops instantly when the trigger is released. The saw has depth adjustability with measurement gauge and 45-degree angle that is easy to use and great for cutting sub-floor, stringers, 2×4’s, 2×12’s and more.

What DeWalt Batteries Are Used in DeWalt DCS391b 20v?

Like all DeWalt tools the standard DeWalt 20-volt batteries are compatible with all 20-volt tools, as well as all 20-volt chargers. You CANNOT use the 18v DeWalt batteries with this circular saw.

How Deep Does the DeWalt DCS391b 20v Cut

According to the DeWalt website, the depth of cut at 45 degrees is at 1-5/8 inches and the depth of cut at 90 degrees is at 2 -1/4 inches. As you know, with this depth of cut you can pretty much complete any project with ease.

The DeWalt DCS391b 20v is a Powerful Cordless Circular Saw

While it isn’t a replacement for a table saw, this workhorse of a saw by DeWalt does the job it is supposed to do with ease. When you need a powerful, portable, reliable and valuable cordless circular saw, the DeWalt DCS391b 20v is a great prosumer choice. Especially when it’s time to build that dream treehouse that you’ve been telling the kids that you’re going to build for the longest. Good luck.