ridgid vs milwaukee

Milwaukee vs Ridgid – Tool Brand Showdown & Comparison

Ridgid has recently come out with their new line of Gen5X brushless cordless tools that are priced pretty darn similar to Milwaukee’s renowned M18 Fuel lineup. That’s a pretty bold move; if you’re going to price your tools similar to Milwaukee, they had darn well better be able to perform. Historically, Ridgid has always been a fine

sabre saw vs jigsaw

Sabre Saw vs. Jigsaw – Is There Any Difference In These Tools?

The power tool and DIY world are filled to the brim with all sorts of confusing terminology and funny-sounding names. And a lot of times, what someone calls a tool – or a variation of a specific tool – simply depends on what they learned growing up or what part of the country they come

trim saw vs circular saw

Trim Saw vs. Circular Saw – What’s The Real Difference?

While shopping for a circular saw, you might’ve seen some that some of the saws were advertised as ‘trim saws’. This, understandably, can be a cause for a little confusion as both saws appear darn similar. So what’s the difference? Essentially, trim saws are ‘miniature’ circular saws – they’re the same tool (both circular saws),

Jawhorse vs. workmate

Jawhorse vs. Workmate: Which Portable Workbench is Better?

Most everyone has seen some variant of the Workmate by Black and Decker. This is the fold-up, portable little work bench/vise that’s about as invaluable to the DIY’er as an oven is to a baker. In a Hurry? Here’s A Quick Summary If the ability to clamp stuff is the biggest reason for buying, then

hammer drill vs impact driver

Hammer Drill vs. Impact Driver – What’s the Difference & Do I Need Both?

Goodness me, there’s just so much to keep up with in the world of power tools. Head over to your local hardware store, and you’ll find literally dozens of different contraptions (change that to hundreds if you’re shopping online) just for drilling holes and screws. With so many different options, styles, designs, and manufacturers to choose

milwaukee vs dewalt

Milwaukee vs. DeWalt – Which Tool Brand Is Better?

The Clear Winner Is…Alright, we’re here to settle – once and for all – the great and never-ending debate between Milwaukee and DeWalt tools. Which one is better, you’ve always wondered? By the end of this article, we’ll establish hands-down which of the two is the unassailable, indisputable Power Tool King. Just kidding. We can’t do

aluminum vs. fiberglass ladder

Aluminum vs. Fiberglass Ladder: Which is Best For Safety?

A ladder is a ladder is a ladder, right? Hmm. Ask the guy who compound-fractured his femur when his cheaply-made extension ladder folded underneath him from 12’ high. Truth is, there actually isn’t a whole lot to distinguish between ladders when comparing styles, materials, and manufacturers, but there are a definitely a few things you’ll want to

band saw vs table saw

Band Saw vs. Table Saw – Which One Do Woodworkers Need First?

Ask The Saw GuyTalk with Tool Experts & Woodworkers in minutes 24/7Need Help?Talk with a tool expert in minutes Brian, Woodworker2,153 satisfied customersLicensed Contractor – 17 years Brian, Woodworker2,153 satisfied customers Message 3 Home Improvement Experts are Online Now Start Chat The band saw and the table saw; two very different, yet very commonplace and

Random orbital vs. sheet sanders

Random Orbital Sander vs. Sheet Sander – Which is Right For Your Job?

Sanding, a lot of times, can be an enjoyable and even relaxing task. It’s relatively mindless, and the fruits of your labor are noticed immediately. However, it’s an even more enjoyable task when you’re using the right sander for the job. This article will go over how, why, and when to use each of the

Clipped head vs. round head nailer

Clipped Head vs. Round Head Nailers – Which One is Better?

It never ceases to amaze us how the smallest of details can cause such uproar and controversy among the handyman/DIY crowd. Framing nailers, for example. Are they not all created equally? I mean, once a 3.5” 16d nail is pounded down into material, does it really matter what tool was used to do the job? And

Table saw vs circular saw

Table Saw vs. Circular Saw – Which One Do You Buy First?

So you’ve got a looming project ahead that you’ve decided to tackle, and you’re even willing to drop a little cash on some brand new tools to help you get the job done right. But where to begin? The marketing world will have you believe that you need this, that, the other, and everything in

Bosch vs. Dewalt

Bosch vs. DeWalt – Which Brand Makes The Best Tool Kit?

DeWalt and Bosch are definitely two of the best names in the industry. Both have been around for many years and are highly trusted by DIY-ers, woodworkers, home-builders and other professionals. Choosing between them can be a difficult task. Hopefully, between taking a look at the two brands’ history and comparing tool kits each currently has