hitachi vs. dewalt

Hitachi vs. DeWalt – Power Tool Brand Comparison Showdown

The DeWalt name is one of the most recognizable in power tools – whether you’re a fan of them or you hate them, you’ve at least heard of them. Hitachi is another big name, but some people will be more familiar with the brand for their TV’s and electronics than for their power tools. This probably

Impact wrench vs. impact driver

Impact Drivers vs. Impact Wrenches – Get The Right Tool For Your Job

Before the popularity of the impact driver, DIY’ers basically had two options when it came to power-wrenching (or driving): the torque wrench, and the standard electric drill. The drill was the go-to option for general purpose driving, drilling, and fastening, while the powerful wrench was typically used in automotive repair/restoration (removing lug nuts, frame/chassis bolts,

planer vs jointer

Planer vs. Jointer – What’s The Difference & Which One Should You Buy?

All quality woodworking begins with ‘4-square’ lumber; lumber in which both faces and both edges are flat, perfectly square, and parallel to one another. Lumber can be milled several different ways, but by far the easiest and most efficient is to use a power jointer and planer. (Hand-milling is a beautiful art on its own, and

jawhorse vs super jaws

Rockwell Jawhorse vs. Triton Super Jaws – Choose The Best Clamping Device

The JawHorse by Rockwell and the Super Jaws by Triton are nearly identical tools; both are hands-free, heavy duty clamping devices that can function in an endless variety of different ways. We’ll go ahead and be straightforward here: we’ve used and tested both of these tools, and both are awesome products. We have zero reservations whatsoever

dewalt vs ridgid

DeWalt vs. Ridgid: Complete Power Tool Brand Comparison Guide

It can be awfully frustrating trying to decide on a brand when in the market for new tools. You can read article after article, sift through hundreds or even thousands of comments on dozens of DIY forums, and at the end of it all, still not come to a proper conclusion. Fortunately, we’ve been there. We

porter cable vs dewalt

Porter Cable vs. DeWalt – Power Tool Brand Showdown

Ask The Saw GuyTalk with Tool Experts & Woodworkers in minutes 24/7Need Help?Talk with a tool expert in minutes Brian, Woodworker2,153 satisfied customersLicensed Contractor – 17 years Brian, Woodworker2,153 satisfied customers Message 3 Home Improvement Experts are Online Now Start Chat Unless you’re in the business full-time, it’s tough to keep up with power tool

milwaukee vs makita

Milwaukee vs Makita – Which Power Tool Brand is Better?

Which is better – Milwaukee or Makita? Good question. In the world of power tools, they’re two of the heavyweights. Milwaukee, especially, in the past decade or so has really come to be regarded as the absolute best of the best; if you want to have an impressive tool collection, make your friends jealous, and blow

gearwrench vs craftsman

Gearwrench vs. Craftsman – Which Ratchet Set is the Best?

In the market for a new set of ratchets and can’t decide which brand to buy? You’ve come to the right place. We can’t guarantee to make your mind up for you, but we’ll certainly do our best to give you our personal opinions and experience with the two brands, in hopes that your buying dilemma

Brushless vs. brushed motors

Brushless vs. Brushed Motors – What Are The Pros & Cons To Each?

You’ve surely noticed by now all this talk of ‘brushless motors’ on cordless drills, hammer drills, etc. – it seems to be the biggest craze to hit the DIY/power tool market since cordless power tools themselves. But, like the famous Austin Powers line, you might be wondering – what does it all mean, Basil? What is a

jigsaw vs reciprocating saw

Jigsaw vs. Reciprocating Saw – Which one do I need?

Let’s try to keep this as simple as possible. A jigsaw IS a reciprocating saw. It’s sort of like saying Diet Pepsi is a “type” of Pepsi. But, let’s dive deeper and learn what the differences between a jigsaw vs. reciprocating saw. A simple definition of a reciprocating saw is that the blade uses a push

makita vs dewalt

Makita vs DeWalt – Who Makes A Better Set of Power Tools?

It used to be when you needed a new power tool, you’d simply head down to the local hardware store and have a look around – probably chat with the clerk a bit about this or that, ask some questions, and then pick out what you wanted; what they had in stock was what was

leatherman vs swiss army knife

Leatherman vs. Swiss Army Knife: Which is the Best Multi-Tool?

Multi-tools are like the utility man in baseball – there to be useful for any situation that might arise. They might not be the first-choice or preferred option, but they’ll be effective no matter what you ask them to do. (We’ll consider Ben Zobrist the Leatherman of Major League Baseball, then). While there’s plenty of manufacturers