Small Bathroom Décor Ideas

Is your tiny bathroom a stylistic nightmare? With these smart small DIY bathroom decor ideas and creativity, it needn’t be. You can easily update your decor! How Can I Make a Small Bathroom Look Bigger? The general rule to make any small room look bigger is using lighter tones on the walls and sticking to

farmhouse table and dining set plans

Free Farmhouse Table Plans You’ll Love

Would you like a welcoming dining table that your family can gather around? Nothing quite beats the look of a farmhouse table for warmth and a cozy feel. You can allow the tabletop to show the grain of the wood for a traditional look or paint the entire surface to have a contemporary farmhouse table.

ideas for barn door designs

Best DIY Farm and Barn Door Ideas

Would you like to improve the functional and aesthetic appeal of your home? Consider replacing your traditional doors with barn doors. The typical door needs about nine feet of space for unrestricted opening and passage. A sliding barn door requires far less space, so if your home is small, switching over to barn doors is


Pocket Doors

Pocket doors are interior doors, typically found in the home, that save lots of space, particularly in smaller rooms. Instead of swinging out, pocket doors slide discretely into an opening in the wall across a track (typically in the ceiling). The pocket door is popular because they free up more room since the door is

egress window ideas

Egress Window

The egress window is a specific type of window that is built for an important safety purpose ahead of style or aesthetic. An egress window is built in particular areas of a building so that they can be used as an escape in case of fire or another kind of emergency. Egress windows are critical

Small Bathroom Ideas

Small Bathroom Ideas

Your bathroom is a place where you perform sacred daily routines. It’s essential that your bathroom is a comfortable and welcoming environment for you and any guests in your home. Sometimes a small bathroom can feel like a curse. But a small bathroom is what you make of it. There are tons of cool ways

How to build a deck

How to Build a Deck

Building a new deck for your home is a stylish and satisfying way to freshen up your lawn and make outdoor activities more fun and accessible. It doesn’t take a skilled professional contractor to build a simple deck, but decks come in all shapes and sizes and a DIY deck building project is a big

gutter guards

Gutter guards

Few things can cause more extensive and extensive devastation to your home than water damage. For that reason, clean and healthy gutters are an essential part of a well-protected household. Gutter guards come in many shapes and sizes, and different styles serve different purposes. One thing is true across the board, however: gutters with guards

Quick DIY Woodworking Projects

What Are Some Quick DIY Projects?

DIY projects shouldn’t be an entire job of their own. A good DIY project can be done in a weekend or even an evening with the right tools and the right planning. But DIY sites are plastered with boring ideas for shoe racks and custom closets that few hobbyists in their right minds would bother

What is Ceramic Glue

What is Ceramic Glue?

Ceramic glue is a powerful adhesive that can repair cracked or broken ceramic dishes, fixtures, ornaments, mugs, antiques– you name it. Ceramic glues have a long shelf life and, when applied properly, can make your ceramics work and even look like new. Ceramics can be precious valuables or economic household solutions, but either way, nobody

Best Router Table Plans

Best Router Table Plans

A router is a fantastic tool on its own even just used by hand. But did you know that with a cleverly designed table, you can use a router to do all sorts of creative work? You can mount a router to these neat tables to give you more access to working with the tool

DIY Projects For Men

22 Doable DIY Projects for Men That Still Look Cool

Sometimes a guy just has to make things.  Get his hands dirty, bust out those tools he’s had in the basement for years and actually build something from scratch. The trick is, for the casual DIY dude – you don’t want something that is impossibly hard and is going to turn out looking ridiculous. Ideally,