Best Lawn Mower

Best Lawn Mower: Complete Buying Guide & Reviews

A lawn mower is something that basically every homeowner will need. The big thing to understand about lawn mowers is that there are tons of them out there. If you just head to the store and start looking you’ll find a range of different options from riding lawnmowers to push lawnmowers to gas, electric, battery

Best Work Gloves

Best Work Gloves: Complete Buying Guide & Reviews

No matter what you do, you’re likely going to want a pair (or a few) of work gloves lying around your house. These gloves can be used for just about anything that you do from pulling weeds to building furniture to just moving things around your house. They protect your hands from injury, dirt, debris,

Toro vs. Husqvarna

Toro vs. Husqvarna – Which Lawn Mower Comes Out on Top?

Both Toro and Husqvarna are popular brands for outdoor equipment. Toro is a lawn mower veteran and Husqvarna has been busting out quality chainsaws for a long time. Now that Husqvarna has made the jump to lawn mowers, which brand comes out on top in our Toro vs. Husqvarna showdown? It may seem like lawn mowers

Electric Log Splitters

Best Electric Log Splitter For Homeowners Reviewed

​There is something deeply primal about the act of splitting logs with a maul. The hefting of the handle high over your head and slamming it down to the satisfying crack of a log being blasted in two. It’s not only a great workout and stress relief, but there is a sense of having dominance

The Best Gas-Powered Push Lawn Mowers – Comparisons & Reviews

​Like brushing teeth or showering, mowing the lawn is a necessary evil we’d sooner avoid even though we know we’ll be better off for it, nobody else is going to do it for us, and we’ll pay for it later if we skip it. Mowing means you have to go outside where the mosquitoes and

the best self propelled lawn mower

Best Self Propelled Lawn Mower For The Money – Reviews & Comparisons

Some of the most vivid memories I have of my childhood chores include sore arms and dirty, grass covered clothing.  Often times, the results of the dreaded biweekly slog with my family’s old push lawn mower. Cutting the grass certainly isn’t the most celebrated of the lawn care chores, but it is one of the

Best Backpack Blower

Best Backpack Blower: Conquering Your Yard in 2024

Fall brings gorgeous leaves out everywhere. But, before long, the cold winds blow the leaves into your yard. Snow could pile up on your drive. When the leaves pile up, the best backpack leaf blower could become your new best friend. Leaf blowers can save you a ton of time spent raking leaves or even

diy bird feeders

25 Best Homemade DIY Bird Feeders for All Kinds of Yards and Gardens

Aside from the obvious benefit of feeding birds, bird feeders give us the pleasure of being in our feathered friends’ company. These garden must-haves offer a zen-like quality to homes as well a wonderful aesthetic appeal to any yard, whether it’s small and humble or large and ostentatious. Bird feeders are simply great to have

Build a raised garden

Build A Vegetable Garden That’s Not Awful

In today’s post, we’re going to show you how you can make vegetables a manly thing. That’s right. Manly vegetables. The thing is, the best vegetable gardens actually need some power tools, like the best circular saw at the beginning. Why? Because a raised garden bed will perform much better than a typical in-ground garden.