best lawn edger

Our Guide to Choosing the Best Lawn Edger

Are you like Michelangelo when it comes to lawn maintenance? Or, are you trying to maintain your lawn just enough to keep your neighbors from calling the Homeowner’s Association on you? Either way, the fact is you’ll never be able to achieve that beautiful finished look that professional landscapers produce without a quality lawn edger.

best loppers

The Best Loppers for the Money

Loppers are one of the most useful pruning tools you can own. Loppers make it easy to cut twigs and branches with minimal effort. However, not all loppers are created equal. Our buyer’s guide breaks down this cutting tool in detail. Here’s how to find the best loppers for cutting and pruning. Quick Look: 5

Best Reel Mower

Best Reel Mower – The Complete Buyer’s Guide

Reel mowers are making a comeback for good reason. Maybe you have a small lawn that doesn’t require a massive lawnmower, or perhaps you’re looking to reduce your carbon footprint. Whatever your reasoning, there’s plenty of excellent reel mower options on the market. Today, we’ll cover everything you need to know to find the best

Best electric lawn mower for the money

Best Electric Lawn Mower For The Money – Comparisons & Reviews

​Cutting the lawn isn’t the most fun chore, but as every homeowner knows, it’s a necessary evil. If you have even the smallest patch of grass in your yard, you’ll probably want to own a lawnmower. And there sure are a lot of choices out there. Many people nowadays are also trying to cut their

Best Pruning Shears

The Best Pruning Shears For The Money

Pruning shears are among the most important tools for your gardening toolkit. Also known as clippers, secateurs, or simply pruners, this tool trimming, shaping, and pruning small plants, especially dead or damaged foliage, much easier. Whether you’re a hobby gardener or a full-time professional, a top-quality pair of pruning shears is one tool you shouldn’t

working in raised garden

119 Raised Garden Bed Ideas

If you’re an avid gardener, chances are you’ve heard of raised gardens. Unlike garden planters, these gardens have open bottoms and a plethora of benefits both for you and the plants. Whether you’re motivated by aesthetics or your green thumb, this guide should help inform and inspire you as you build (or buy) you own

best pressure washer

Best Pressure Washer

Shifting mud and grime from your patio, driveway, or car is a time-consuming, backbreaking job that can be made much quicker and easier by using a pressure washer. A pressure washer is basically a motorized hosepipe. A pump creates a high-pressure jet of water that is used to dislodge dirt in a fraction of the

how to cut tall grass

How to Cut Tall Grass: Take Back Your Lawn!

They say the only two guarantees in life are death and taxes. I argue that there is a third: your lawn will continue to grow, no matter what. The lawn doesn’t care about your vacation, holidays, or anything else that may have prevented you from mowing. If you’ve reached a point where your lawn is overgrown,

best snow shovel

The Best Snow Shovel – Complete Buying Guide & Reviews

If you live in an area with frequent snow, or just enough to keep your sidewalk and driveway covered from time to time, you undoubtedly need a snow shovel. However, the tool that you use to clear the snow can have a huge effect on not only the time it takes to clear your path

best hedge trimmer

Best Hedge Trimmer – Complete Buying Guide & Reviews

Easily one of the most beneficial and time-saving tools, a hedge trimmer is a must-have for anyone who wants a beautiful, well maintained lawn. Whether you’re looking to trim a few shrubs or clean up some unruly branches. A hedge trimmer is an essential tool in every gardener’s toolkit, and something you want to be

best snow blower

The Best Snow Blower – Complete Buying Guide & Reviews

Snow – beautiful aesthetically, but a real pain to clear out. With the best snow blower, you can make clearing your driveway and sidewalk a breeze. Keeping your driveway snow-free in the dead of winter can prove to be quite an arduous task. Add that to not having the correct tool for the job and it