Router vs Jigsaw

Router vs Jigsaw – What Are The Differences?

Routers and jigsaws are entirely different tools that perform different jobs. A router uses a spinning bit to cut slots, grooves, and finish edges. For example, tabletops often have their edges finished. A jigsaw uses a blade to cut through wood and can cut out different shapes. Keep reading Router vs Jigsaw to find everything you

best dovetail jig

Best Dovetail Jig – Reviews and Comparisons

A  dovetail jig improves the accuracy, efficiency, and reliability of your cuts so that your dovetail jigs turn out the same each time. Although any woodworker can benefit from adding a dovetail jig to their toolbox, they’re particularly important for those that are manufacturing a series of the same products, such as cabinets or furniture.

Best Jigsaw

The Best Jigsaw for the Money – Complete Buying Guide & Reviews

Out of all the specialty saws available, one flirts with the definition of both “specialty” and “everyday” saw…the jigsaw. The jigsaw, or sabre saw for those who prefer it, is a versatile tool that fulfills the contoured needs of the do-it-yourselfer when straight lines are not on the menu. If you’ve ever tried to navigate