Router vs Jigsaw

Router vs Jigsaw – What Are The Differences?

Routers and jigsaws are entirely different tools that perform different jobs. A router uses a spinning bit to cut slots, grooves, and finish edges. For example, tabletops often have their edges finished. A jigsaw uses a blade to cut through wood and can cut out different shapes. Keep reading Router vs Jigsaw to find everything you

best dovetail jig

Best Dovetail Jig – Reviews and Comparisons

A  dovetail jig improves the accuracy, efficiency, and reliability of your cuts so that your dovetail jigs turn out the same each time. Although any woodworker can benefit from adding a dovetail jig to their toolbox, they’re particularly important for those that are manufacturing a series of the same products, such as cabinets or furniture.

Best Jigsaw

The Best Jigsaw for 2024 – Complete Buying Guide & Reviews

by Brandon Potters What’s the one saw that can do it all, given you have the know-how to wield it? The answer is a jigsaw. Sure, everyone recognizes its ability to cut curves, but there’s much more to this tool. It tackles not just wood but also metal, plastic, and any other material you have