best wood for cutting board

What’s the Best Wood for Cutting Boards?

No kitchen is complete without a beautiful butcher block cutting board. Both functional and attractive, these cutting boards are at home in any kitchen, regardless of style. Here is an example of a premium Black Walnut board. Best of all, making your own is a fun and easy project to tackle when you have a

live edge wood slabs

Everything You Need to Know About Live Edge Wood Slabs

If you’re looking to create a rustic appearance when crafting your next project, one of the things you should consider using is live edge wood. Live edge wood has grown significantly in popularity over the past couple of years, as many people find themselves impressed with its natural appearance. If you’re curious about what live

reclaimed barn wood

Everything You Need to Know About Reclaimed Barn Wood

If you’re looking to complete a project with a rustic design, one of the materials you’ll most want to consider is reclaimed barn wood. This reclaimed wood is an excellent way to add character to a room. Below, we’ll provide you with a breakdown of everything you need to know about reclaimed barn wood so

reclaimed wood for sale

Where to Buy Reclaimed Wood

No matter if you’re looking to complete an entire remodel of your home or you want to create a rustic DIY project, reclaimed wood could go a long way. However, as reclaimed wood has grown in popularity, it’s become more and more challenging to find places that sell the product. Below, you’ll find an extensive

how long to let stain dry

How Long to Let Stain Dry Before Polyurethane

Are you wondering how long to let stain dry before polyurethane can be applied? It’s a question you’ll need to know the answer to because the quality of your finished project depends on it. If you apply poly before the stain is adequately dry, you’re going to end up with stain mixing into your poly,

how to age wood

How to Age Wood

Over time, wood develops a gorgeous patina that looks beautiful for use in all sorts of projects. But, unless you have a cache of lumber aging in your backyard, it can be difficult to find properly weathered wood for the job. Fortunately, you can fake it with surprisingly authentic results. Today, we’ll teach you how to

The Story Of Wood – A Snapshot

Almost all of the projects we discuss, and all of the tools, involve the use of wood.  It’s the versatile wonder material, and I will admit, I am mildly obsessed. I love the idea of wood being used as a sustainable product, and as long as we keep planting trees, we forever have a resource