how to whitewash wood

How to Whitewash Wood

Whitewashing is a great way to bring the natural beauty of wood into your home in a new and exciting way. Whitewashing can brighten up tired spaces, and lend a more expansive look to even the smallest of rooms. Best of all, learning how to whitewash wood is an effortless and straightforward project you should

how to fix a bad stain job

How to Fix a Bad Stain Job

Staining wood is an ideal way to bring out the natural beauty and character of the wood itself. Stained wood looks beautiful, it’s permanent, and it’s easy to do yourself. But, as anyone who has ever stained a piece of furniture can tell you, there’s some margin for error, and you’ll probably need to learn

How to Whitewash wood

How to Whitewash Wood: Reaching the Rustic Aesthetic

Whitewashing wood is a great way to create a beautiful, weathered look on any home project. While it may look like it’s difficult and involved, getting a whitewashed finish is actually much easier than you may have thought. Today, we’ll cover everything you need to know about how to whitewash wood, and by the time you’re

best stainable wood filler

Best Stainable Wood Filler For Your Next Woodworking Project

Woodworkers are all over the map when it comes to what is the best stainable wood filler out there. From popular brand names of actual “stainable wood filler” to much more primitive methods for getting the exact stain color to match your DIY project, there are several different opinions on the matter. What to Consider