Best Epoxy Wood Filler

What is the Best Epoxy Wood Filler to Use?

Wood filler is one of the quintessential tools in any woodworker’s toolkit. These affordable and easy-to-use putties help you easily repair or touch up wood and other materials like a pro. You can even stain wood fillers with pigments or add paint and veneer to make it look more subtle and natural.  You don’t need

how to dull a glossy finish

How to Dull a Glossy Finish

Any woodworker deals with the problem of how to dull a glossy finish at least once in their career. Perhaps you sprayed a finish that was glossier than expected, or maybe you purchased a piece of high gloss furniture at a garage sale that would look much better if it wasn’t so highly polished. While achieving

how to remove wax from wood

How to Remove Wax from Wood

Candles are a beautiful accent that can add warmth to any room in your home. They can also wreak havoc on your table, wood floors, or furniture if you ever happen to knock one over. Unlike other materials, which can be cleaned up quickly and easily, the question of how to remove wax from wood

How to Lacquer Wood

How to Lacquer Wood – Step by Step Guide

Lacquering wood is not for the faint of heart, but if you read through these tips, you’ll be incredible in no time. First, let’s make sure that you understand – you can either brush it on or spray it on. Spraying is easier and requires less skill. But, who am I to tell you not to take

teak oil vs. tung oil

Teak Oil vs. Tung Oil – Which Wood Finish is Best?

Using oils in wood finishing has been around forever – so it seems. It is perhaps the most common method for finishing. Oils bring out the luster and character of the wood much better than varnish, which is why people have trusted them for years. They are made of natural products and there are easy