how to cut a tree down with a chainsaw

How to Cut a Tree Down with a Chainsaw

Perhaps you have a dead tree in the yard or a tree that’s growing too close to power lines. Or, maybe you’re just looking to change the look of your yard. Whatever the case may be, there’s a good chance that you’ll need to know how to cut a tree down at some point as

how to remove wax from wood

How to Remove Wax from Wood

Candles are a beautiful accent that can add warmth to any room in your home. They can also wreak havoc on your table, wood floors, or furniture if you ever happen to knock one over. Unlike other materials, which can be cleaned up quickly and easily, the question of how to remove wax from wood

how to cut firewood

How to Cut Firewood

If you have a wood-burning fireplace, then learning how to cut firewood is an indispensable trick. Not only is cutting your own firewood economical, but it’s also environmentally friendly, highly rewarding, and a great workout to boot. But, like any project that requires operating a chainsaw, cutting your own firewood can easily feel intimidating. After

How to Whitewash wood

How to Whitewash Wood: Reaching the Rustic Aesthetic

Whitewashing wood is a great way to create a beautiful, weathered look on any home project. While it may look like it’s difficult and involved, getting a whitewashed finish is actually much easier than you may have thought. Today, we’ll cover everything you need to know about how to whitewash wood, and by the time you’re

best woodworking glue

The Best Woodworking Glue For Your Next DIY Project

Wood glue isn’t exactly a new invention. In fact, glue and adhesives have been used since ancient times to complete woodworking projects. Though the concept is very old, the technology has certainly changed. In modern times, there are actually a number of different adhesives that are designed and best used for specific projects and purposes.

Woodworking without power tools

Woodworking Without Power Tools – Going Old School in Your Wood Shop

If you’re just getting started with woodworking, you may not know exactly what tools you need to have first. In addition, you may not have the extra money to invest in lots of power tools up front. Don’t let that deter you from working with wood, however! Getting Started With No Tools​There are plenty of ideas

What is a dowel?

What is a Dowel? Using Dowels to Build Furniture and More

You may have heard the term “dowel rod”. Well, a dowel is more-or-less a miniature version of a dowel rod. The more common name for the miniature “rods” is “dowel pins”, and they most often are made of wood, plastic or metal. The small, solid, cylindrical shape makes this pin versatile and it is used for many

best stainable wood filler

Best Stainable Wood Filler For Your Next Woodworking Project

Woodworkers are all over the map when it comes to what is the best stainable wood filler out there. From popular brand names of actual “stainable wood filler” to much more primitive methods for getting the exact stain color to match your DIY project, there are several different opinions on the matter.Quick Look: Top Stainable Wood

How to Lacquer Wood

How to Lacquer Wood – Step by Step Guide

Lacquering wood is not for the faint of heart, but if you read through these tips, you’ll be incredible in no time. First, let’s make sure that you understand – you can either brush it on or spray it on. Spraying is easier and requires less skill. But, who am I to tell you not to take

how to spray polyurethane

How To Spray Polyurethane Without Making A Mess

Oil-based polyurethane varnish is shiny and beautiful and truly brings out the outstanding inherent properties of the wood on which it is being sprayed on. However, it is one of the most difficult types of varnish to apply. In this video, watch Darbin Notes who how to spray polyurethane for faster, mess-free coverage on your

Tung oil vs. polyurethane

Tung Oil vs. Polyurethane: What Should I Use?

A protective layering is vital to protect your project surface against water and environmental damage. Two of the most popular finishing varnishes in the market are Tung oil and polyurethane. A varnish basically protects the wood from destruction. Quick Summary: Top Rated Finishes: Just a couple of our favorite picks, click the link to see