The Best Bow Saws

The bow saw is a very popular tool with woodworkers since Roman times. Early bow saws were made of wood, and had a steel blade, and cord or wire that was twisted for tension. To be honest, the design hasn’t changed much since the saws’ introduction. It’s been used for hundreds of years by craftsmen.

Best hacksaw

Best Hacksaw – Top Picks, Reviews & Guide

What is a Hacksaw?Hacksaws were originally designed to cut metal, but are just as widely used for cutting plastic pipes and conduit for your DIY electrical and plumbing jobs. A hacksaw is something that every man should have handy in his tool box, as these make great additions to your repertoire as a DIY-er.   Hacksaws can be

hand saw types

Hand Saw Types: Buyer’s Guide

If you’re completing a DIY project in your home, you’ll need to make sure that you have the right tools at your disposal to do so. One of the tools you will likely need for some reason or another is a hand saw. However, when browsing online or in your local hardware store, you may

best silky saw

Silky Saw Buying Guide

Whether you’re a homeowner with lots of trees to take care of or an outdoor enthusiast that needs to blaze a trail through thick saplings and underbrush, a Silky saw can be worth its weight in gold. Silky saws make quick work of heavy tree trimming and clearing jobs, and there’s no shortage of quality