Being A Woodworker – A Snapshot

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I have been practicing "actual" woodworking as a hobby for only a short time now.  At first, I was always telling people, "yeah I do woodworking on the side", like it made me cool or something.  

In reality, all I was really doing was sanding and staining wood and calling it woodworking.  Which I guess in a way it kind of is an extremely light version of woodworking...

It got me thinking, "what does it mean to be a woodworker"? 

This infographic from Tools and Machinery offers a little clarification.  ​

what it means to be a woodworker

Woodworking is an expensive hobby.  Literally, you can spend a few hundred dollars on chisels alone.  It's best to buy a few tools at first that will allow you to get started.  

For instance, I bought a sawzall for disassembling pallets, circular saw, a few chisels, and a palm sander.  Eventually even a jigsaw.  This will also cost you a few hundred dollars, but you can really create some cool stuff with only those tools.  ​

There are so many woodworking tools, and most exist to do specific tasks easily.  In reality, you can do a lot with a little, but with much more effort.  

Check out this video from Jon Peters on what tools he recommends.  ​

Well, hopefully that clears things up a bit, and maybe even inspired you to start woodworking as a hobby.  

A little piece of advice, don't be intimidated.  It takes a little courage to try anything new.  Yet, with a little research and education, you can begin a hobby that provides real satisfaction.  

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