10 Weekend-Friendly Pallet Project Ideas

So you love a little weekend DIY? 

So do we...

However, one problem with the virtually endless amount of YouTube videos out there in the "DIY" category - it can be really hard to find the ones worth your time. 

Some of them make things that look AMAZING, you just need a professional woodworking shop and years of experience in order to make something similar.

Other projects happen over a span of time,  like days/weeks/months and aren't exactly something you can knock out in one weekend. I know at least for me, those kinds of tutorials wind up being half-finished projects laying around my garage for years to come...

But maybe that's just me...​

Either way, we recently created our own course called Pallet University where we focused on creating tutorials that combine video, wood cut lists, high quality images, and written step by step instructions. Best of all - each of the projects are weekend-friendly and don't require any crazy tools or complicated cuts that are beyond the capability of people like me - the average DIYer. 

To get a better idea of what's involved, simply click to expand the project overview below each image below. ​

Click here to get full project plans for all 10 of these ideas for only $9

View Mason Jar Project Overview

View Desk Project Overview

View Pallet Bench Overview

View Skyline Art Project Overview

View Scrap Wood Stool Project Overview

View Wall Shelf Overview

View Mantle Light Overview

View Coffee Table Project Overview

View Coat Hanger Project Overview

View Rolling Pet Bed Project Overview

If you're ready to get to work, we've set up a deal that gets you full access to all 10 video tutorials in Pallet University for only $9 by using the link below: