The Best Coping Saw For Woodworking (And How To Use It)

A coping saw is one of those tools that is super useful for things like coping your crown molding, which essentially mens cutting it into a shape that allows it to fit perfectly with the piece it is going to meet up with. 

​However, a coping saw can also be awkward to use if it's your first time - so you can usually tell the work of a rookie coper compared to someone who is comfortable using one. 

Since getting a precise cut is crucial, you don't want to skimp and get a cheap coping saw.

Coping saw's are relatively inexpensive, especially compared to other power saws. Considering it will probably last you many years, spend a little more and make sure you get the best coping saw available for your project. In the end, not having to buy extra pieces of molding due to poor cuts will be worth the extra upfront cost of buying a quality saw.

Let's jump right into some of the top coping saws available and then we'll share some resources on how to use a coping saw a little further down the page.

Eclipse Steel Frame Coping Saw

Eclipse 70-CP1R Wood Handle and Steel Frame Coping Saw, 1" Thickness, 12-3/8" Length x 5-1/8" Width
  • Comfortable wooden handle and steel frame
  • 12-3/8" overall length x 5-1/8" high
  • Blades can be positioned at any angle to the frame for cutting and shaping in wood

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The Eclipse is made of solid materials like a steel frame and a solid wood handle. 

As stated earlier, it's a little more than a brand like Irwin or Stanley, but we're talking about $12 instead of $6 - not a difference of hundreds of dollars. Eclipse has a longstanding reputation for making their coping saws out of high quality materials, so it's definitely a brand you can trust. 

If you'd like to read more about coping saws and how they've changed over the years, here's an excellent article by Paul Sellers​ who happens to be an Eclipse coping saw user himself (quote below).

I’m in my 50th year of using an Eclipse coping saw most every day of those 50 years.

Paul Sellers
Woodworking Blogger              

Irwin Tools ProTouch Coping Saw

IRWIN Tools ProTouch Coping Saw (2014400)
  • High-speed steel coping saw blades cut through most materials with ease
  • A Flat-Bar frame and DuraSteel pins on this coping saw provide durable use
  • This coping saw has an ergonomic ProTouch handle to give added comfort

Last update on 2018-01-20 / Affiliate links / Images from Amazon Product Advertising API

Irwin Tools have been making quality tools for sometime now.  This Irwin coping saw is no exception.  

However, the main difference between the less expensive Irwin coping saw and the Eclipse (again, we're talking about about $6.00) is the ability to adjust the blade to varying angles.​

To us, when you can buy a coping saw once and use it for years and years - make sure you get all the features you might need upfront so you don't end up buying another coping saw later because your first one can't cut it. ​

That said, if you're on a really tight budget we'd say that the Irwin coping saw​ will do most of what you need at a very affordable price.

How to Use a Coping Saw Properly

​This short video from CasimirSTEM is a simple and easy introduction into the basic techniques of using a coping saw.  

In this next video from the FIX IT Home Improvement Channel, you learn the basic technique behind using a coping saw to trim molding.  

As a fundamental hand saw, the coping saw can be used for many applications.  Yet, the most common use will be for coping molding and cutting at a radius.  

Hopefully you've taken the time to learn about the purposes of this versatile tool and feel confident in your purchase of the best coping saw for woodworking.